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How much notice do you need when placing an order?

Ideally, for wedding cakes we require 3 months notice. However, for other bespoke occasion cakes, we require at the very least 2 weeks notice.

Can I collect my cake?

If you live within the M25 area then we prefer collection. However, in some circumstances we can have the cake couriered to the venue. However, this is usually for our cakes that are not stacked/tiered.

How should I store my cake?

All cakes should be stored in a cool dark place. Sponge cakes can last up to four days after the event. Please note that refrigeration can cause the cake to become more dry. Fruitcakes can last for a very long time if kept cool and wrapped in baking parchment.

How do you go about ordering a wedding cake?

The first step in ordering a wedding cake is to give us a date for which the event will take place. Next, we will arrange an initial consulatation where you can bring along colour cards/fabric swatches/floral designs - basically anything to help us get a clear picture of the sort of cake you are looking for. During this session, you will also get the chance to sample some of our most popular cake flavours to help you determine what you would like to go for. From this meeting we can then estimate an overall cost and then we can go from there.

Do you make cakes that cater for certain dietry requirements?

At Bodoh Bakes we offer gluten free and dairy free cakes. Unfortunatley we cannot provide for people with nut allergies as the kitchen may contain traces of nuts.

Do you make any other type of sweet delicacies?

Yes we do! We also make decorated biscuits which can be made as part of a wedding package to go along with the design of the cake. Or we can make personal, handpiped or themed biscuits for any occasion.

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